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"The Iowa City Free Clinic provides support and health care for those who are unable to receive care due to limiting factors such as scheduling and expenses. Everyone who visits the clinic is equally welcomed and treated with respect. The volunteers who offer their time and services are always happy to be there." -FMC Volunteer

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We depend on private donations to continue to provide services to our community. Every contribution counts, and we appreciate anything you are able to give. We are proud to be able to provide about $5 of services for every $1 you donate! 

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Current Volunteer Opportunities

(See Volunteer Positions sections for more detailed descriptions):

  • Medical Student Examiners: to volunteer during our Monday/Thursday evening clinics. 
  • Physicians: to see patients directly during our daytime chronic care clinics on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A background in Internal Medicine or Family Practice is preferred.
  • Physicians: to supervise and staff medical students during the evening acute care clinics.
  • Dental: Oral Surgeons, Dental Hygienists, General Dentists
  • Phlebotomists: To draw blood and deliver labs to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Experience and transportation required!
  • Receptionists: Greet patients and process in-take paperwork. Tuesday and Thursday morning shifts available.
  • Spanish Interpreters: Previous experience interpreting in a medical setting is a plus. Proficiency speaking both English and Spanish. Strong language skills a must! 
  • ARNP's and PA-C's: to provide direct patient care during our evening acute care clinics.
  • Dispensary: must have a background in pharmacy (i.e. pharmacy student or pharmacy tech).

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Volunteer FAQ

  1. What volunteer positions are open right now? This changes frequently, so please see the current volunteer opportunities list below. If you apply for a position that isn't currently available, we may keep your application on file and alert you of future orientations.
  2. I am a medical student. When can I be an examiner at FMC? You must first complete your Internal Medicine rotation, or your Ambulatory Practice Block. We have many M3s, M4s MSTPs, and Doris Duke fellows volunteering with us.
  3. Who else can be an examiner? PA-Cs, ARNPs, MDs and DOs.
  4. How often are volunteers required to come in? We ask that you volunteer at least  twice a month, and that you commit to at minimum of one year of volunteering.
  5. When will you respond to my volunteer application? Volunteer applications are generally reviewed twice each month. If you have been waiting to hear from us for longer than 1 month, please feel free to check on your application by emailing our volunteer coordinator at
  6. Why do you require a year-long commitment? It takes staff time and effort to conduct orientation sessions and train new volunteers, so we look for people committed to volunteering for extended periods of time. We may occasionally have openings for "one-time volunteers" during fund-raisers or other events.
  7. I am a high school student - can I volunteer? We require volunteers to be at least 18 years old to volunteer at FMC.
  8. Do you turn away volunteers? When we receive a volunteer inquiry, references are checked and the application is reviewed. We receive a high volume of applications, so if we do not have a current need for your skills, or feel our positions are not the best fit for your skills, your application may be turned down.


The FMC would not exist without the help of our talented and generous volunteers. We have over 200 active volunteers committed to our mission, but we are always looking for more help. Orientation sessions for each position differ, and are scheduled based on clinic needs.

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Get started today by filling out our online volunteer application. You have the option to start your application and complete it at a later time. Please don't forget to save and submit the application when you're ready to turn it in. If you haven't received a response to your application, you may want to check to make sure you submitted it. 

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Volunteer Descriptions

Here are some "job descriptions" of our volunteer positions:


We always need physicians (Internal Medicine or Family Practice) who can volunteer during our daytime clinics on Tuesdays and Thursdays to see patients directly. We also host specialty clinics during the evenings on Mondays and Thursdays. Specialties include: Physical Therapy, ENT, Orthopedics, Podiatry, Dermatology, OB/GYN, and others.  MD's must have an Iowa license and liability coverage (either private or through the state program VHCPP) in order to volunteer. Our Volunteer Coordinator can help you obtain such coverage. Here is a brief document explaining the coverage options.


Our clinic has two dental operatories, which host general dentists, oral surgeons, and dental hygienists. We ask these volunteers to come in at least once a month, during our evening clinics on Mondays and Thursdays. Professional liability coverage must be obtained before volunteering.

Staffing Physician

Responsible for staffing medical student examiners during our evening clinics on Mondays and Thursdays. MD's must have an Iowa license and liability coverage (either private or through the state program VHCPP) in order to volunteer. Scheduling is flexible, but we hope you can volunteer once a month.


Physicians, PA-Cs, NPs, medical students (M3/M4/MSTP after completing Internal Medicine or Ambulatory Practice Block). Scheduling is flexible, but we hope you can volunteer twice a month during our Monday and Thursday evening clinics. 


Pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, pharmacy students. Responsible for filling and dispensing medications under the supervision of a physician. Volunteers come in at least once a month.


Skilled, experienced individuals responsible for performing phlebotomy draws, dipstick urinalysis, and other CLIA waved lab tests. We ask that you come in two or more times a month during either daytime or evening clinics.


Spanish/English interpreters are always needed, and assist in all aspects of medical care at FMC. Because of the sensitive nature of medical appointments, strong fluency is a must and medical terminology is highly desirable. Interpreters come in at least once a month and we have both evening and daytime openings.

Patient Guide

Nurses, medical students, medical assistants, nursing assistants, and other individuals with experience taking vital signs and basic patient histories are given preference for this position. We generally hold an orientation twice a year, depending on our needs, and we look for volunteers who can commit to two shifts a month for at least a year (during daytime or evening clinics).


Responsible for checking in patients and maintaining an orderly front desk. We look for individuals who are outgoing, organized, are able to multi-task, and have legible handwriting. Volunteers are asked to come in twice a month (during daytime or evening clinics).

Speakers Bureau

If you enjoy public speaking and would like to personally let people know about the Clinic's mission, this may be a good fit for you! You would have an orientation and accompany an experienced speaker to listen to a presentation before setting up your own meetings. Please mark "other" on your application and note your interest in this.

Writers Group

Many people have stories to share about their personal experiences with access to healthcare and their opinions on healthcare reform. If you'd like to share your story, consider joining our Writer's Group (mark "other" on your application and note your interest).

Social Media Group

We're always looking for new, creative ways to reach more volunteers and donors. Join our Social Media Group and use your talents to help us expand our group of supporters. (mark "other" on your application and note your interest)


Why Volunteer?

Why Volunteer? Here are some things our volunteers have shared with us:

Allison, Medical Student Examiner 2011-2012

"Though I have only volunteered at the Clinic for a few months I want you to know how much I enjoyed volunteering and only wish I would have started doing so earlier in my medical school career. I think you all do a wonderful job and really respect all of the work you all do for the people of Iowa City and surrounding areas. I hope you are all able to continue doing what you do for years to come!"

Medical Student, Volunteer Examiner

"The staff at the Iowa City Free Clinic are amazingly dedicated. They go above and beyond to work to provide top-quality medical care and help patients continue to access essential medical services. Their passion for what they do shows in their interactions with both patients and volunteers and it has been a privilege to work with them and learn from them."

Jeff, Volunteer Examiner since 2009

"I am glad that the community feels comfortable coming to seek help for any of their ailments, and I am proud that we have generous donors that allow us to treat the patients and/or guide them on how to use the other resources of the community to address their problem."

Beth, former volunteer & staff member

"My memories of working both a volunteer and staff at the Free Clinic will always be a part of who I am. I was able to see the best in people through the students, physicians, staff and other volunteers who did not just donate their time, but their hearts. I think the Free Clinic is a great example of an organization truly catering to a basic need where people aren't taking advantage of any system but are simply looking for help when they are sick."