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A woman and her husband came into the Clinic. She was 2 months pregnant and diabetic. Untreated diabetes is always serious; during pregnancy, it can be life threatening for both mother and baby. Her husband had insurance coverage for himself through his job, but she had been unable to find an affordable plan. They were managing to pay out-of-pocket for her prenatal care but had just learned that the cost of the medications to control her diabetes was $400 a month. They came to the Free Clinic because they had nowhere else to turn. First, Clinic staff provided the woman with the insulin she needed. Then they helped her apply for medication assistance through pharmaceutical company programs,and talked with her about limited Medicaid coverage for prenatal care. As she and her husband left the Clinic, they thanked us –the relief in their voices and the gratitude on their faces was immeasurable. Your partnership made this happen.

— Patient story