Medical Care

General Medicine

We provide care for a variety of medical needs such as:

  • minor illnesses
  • job physical
  • asthma
  • urinary tract infection
  • sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment

Care is provided in our “General Care Clinics” which are usually held Monday and Thursday evenings.

Call us to schedule an appointment.

Specialty Care

These services are for patients with complex, ongoing illnesses such as:

  • diabetes
  • high-blood pressure
  • etc.

Care is provided in our “Chronic Care Clinics” which are usually held Tuesdays and Thursdays during the daytime.

Call us to schedule an appointment.

Mental Health Care

We do not provide any mental health services. Please contact the Abbe Center for Community Mental Health or The Free Mental Health Clinic to find out about the services that they offer.

Prescription Medications

We only fill prescriptions written by our Clinic doctors.

We do not stock or provide prescriptions for controlled substances.

  • For prescriptions filled with us, call us about a week before you run out of medicine. We will review your chart and call you back.
  • For prescriptions filled at other pharmacies (such as HyVee or Walmart), call that pharmacy about a week before you run out of medicine. If they require authorization, they will call us. Many pharmacies have automated refill systems so you can call even when they are closed.
Medicine Vouchers

We can help patients once each fiscal year on an emergency basis with a medication voucher for no more than $50. These vouchers do not cover insurance co-pays or discounted generic medications (i.e. $4 medications at HyVee and Walmart).

Patient Assistance Programs
  • Patient Assistance Programs are programs offered by drug companies that offer free or low-cost prescription medicine to patients who meet certain guidelines.
  • Our staff will help you find a program and complete the forms to apply. You will need to provide income and tax information as needed.
  • If approved, your medicine will be delivered to our clinic and you can pick it up at your scheduled appointment.

Dental and Eye Care

Dental Care

We provide basic dental care such as:

  • Filling cavities
  • Simple dental extractions (some restrictions apply)
  • Limited dental hygiene
  • Referrals to the College of Dentistry (for patients who need a tooth extraction and have Iowa Health and Wellness Insurance)

Call us to schedule an appointment.

Eye Care

We provide limited eye care for diabetic patients referred from a doctor in our clinic.

We also have a small number of vouchers available for those who need eyeglasses. Please call us to find out if we have any available. If we do, you will need to schedule a time to bring in your current, unexpired eyeglass prescription. The voucher is good for free eyeglasses from one of several eyeglass stores in Iowa City or Coralville. If we are out of vouchers, you can call back the beginning of the next month. Vouchers cannot be transferred or sold and expire one week from the date they are written.

There are several options for no-cost or low-cost glasses if you don’t want to wait for a voucher.

  • ReSpectacle – online non-profit organization that matches people in need of glasses with a donate pair.
  • Zenni Optical – online store with low-cost eyeglass options
  • EyeBuy Direct – online store with low-cost eyeglass options