We offer specialty care services for a variety of needs such as:

  • ophthalmology (e.g. eye care – see details below)
  • dermatology
  • physical therapy
  • rheumatology
  • gynecology

These services are offered periodically as needed. Some services are offered monthly, others may be offered more or less than that depending on the needs.

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Eye Care

Eye examWe provide limited eye care for diabetic patients referred from a doctor in our clinic.

We also have a small number of vouchers available for those who need eyeglasses. Please call us to find out if we have any available. If we do, you will need to schedule a time to bring in your current, unexpired eyeglass prescription. The voucher is good for free eyeglasses from one of several eyeglass stores in Iowa City or Coralville. If we are out of vouchers, you can call back the beginning of the next month. Vouchers cannot be transferred or sold and expire one week from the date they are written.

Here are several options for no-cost or low-cost glasses if you don’t want to wait for a voucher:

  • ReSpectacle – online non-profit organization that matches people in need of glasses with a donate pair.
  • Zenni Optical – online store with low-cost eyeglass options
  • EyeBuy Direct – online store with low-cost eyeglass options