The Free Medical and Dental Clinic is run by an incredibly talented set of Staff Members and a dedicated set of Board Members.

Board and Staff of Free Medical and Dental Clinic

Our Staff

Barbara Vinograde

Executive Director (with the Clinic since 1992)

Iowa native Barbara Vinograde loves working with the staff, volunteers, and supporters of the Free Clinic. When she’s not at FMC, she enjoys the outdoors (especially the mountains and the desert), reading, music, and buying books at Prairie Lights. She has a background in music performance and loves listening to Beethoven. She has been a proud employee of FMC since 1992!

Barbara says, “I’ve always known the health care system in the United States was very flawed, and I wanted to work to make it better. I’m still working on that.”

Cecilia Norris, MD

Medical Director since 2005

Hailing from Sioux City, Iowa, Dr. Norris leads a busy life. When she’s not driving her three children to their various activities or walking her dogs, Shelby & Mocha, you might find her volunteering with the Girl Scouts, her church, or local schools.

Dr. Norris says, “I think that health care should be a right and that we all have a responsibility to help those in need however our talents allow us to. I am fortunate to be able to do this in an environment that is inclusive, understanding and committed to give patients the best health care we can.”

Stacy Wilkerson, RN

Director of Clinic Operations since 2016

Before becoming the Clinic’s Director of Operations, Stacy worked as a nurse with Mercy Hospital and Iowa City Hospice. As the newest member the Free Clinic family, Stacy has already become an integral member of the staff. Stacy’s 5 boys keep her busy when she’s not at work!

Stacy says,”The Free Clinic plays an invaluable role in the health of many people in the community. I’m so glad the Clinic is here and that I am able to be a part of this organization.”

Michael Catney, RN, MA

Staff Nurse since 2007

Mike worked at the local VA Hospital for 35 years prior to joining FMC, first as a volunteer, and later as a paid employee. He lives with his wife, and has two grown children. His favorite activities include flying, golfing and traveling. He doesn’t mind doing odd jobs around the house, and occasionally enjoys yard work.

Mike says: “I am proud to be a part of providing the much needed service and care that the Free Clinic gives to those in need.”

Bill Riker, PA (retired)

Clinic Assistant since 2005

Bill studied Spanish and General Science at the University of Iowa. He then worked as a high school Spanish assistant but returned to the University to become a physician assistant. He has worked as a physician assistant in Milwaukee, West Liberty, at the Free clinic and Proteus. Bill is retired as a physician assistant but continues to work at the Free clinic as an interpreter and clinic assistant.

“The clinic serves a wonderful group of people. I’m very proud to have worked with the clinic for many years. “

Jane Walker

Bookkeeper since 2012

Musically inclined Jane is an Iowa City native. She has been Principal Flutist with Orchestra Iowa since 1973. Jane lives with her husband David (Principal Oboist in Orchestra Iowa), their dog Buddy, and cats Lydia and Angie. Before all the pets, they raised two children, Matthew and Rachel. Jane and David are former co-owners of Eble Music Company in Iowa City, a nationally recognized classical sheet music store. When not performing, Jane is busy making the FMC staff sing by preparing their paychecks.

Jane says: “I love my job at the Free Clinic.The staff and volunteers are wonderful people, and I am proud to be part of an organization that does such caring work.”

Elisa Hernandez Perez

Clinic and Volunteer Manager since 2020

Elisa is originally from the Canary Islands (Spain) and has a PhD in Communication and Media Studies. She recently moved to Iowa City and is still getting used to the cold Midwest winters! In her free time, Elisa loves going to the movies above anything else, but she also enjoys cooking, traveling and knitting.

Elisa says: “Coming from a country with universal health care I feel very strongly about how health care should be available to everyone regardless of income or employment status, and I am very excited to be part of making that closer to a reality in Iowa City.”

Josh Yem

Office Coordinator since 2020

Josh is originally from Cedar Rapids, IA, where he also works as an inpatient pharmacy technician at St. Luke’s Hospital. He recently graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology and a Bachelor of Arts in Music. Josh plays the oboe and piano, speaks Spanish, and has won two B-league intramural soccer championships.

Josh says, “I am honored to be a part of an organization that is providing crucial health care services to those in need. The Free Clinic does some amazing work, and I am glad to be a part of it.”

Gail Emmert

Pharmacy Assistant since 2008

Returning Champ, Gail, previously worked at FMC from 2008-2011. She currently lives with her husband of 42 years and her kitty cat Rainy. Gail and her husband have two daughters who also have two daughters. She loves spending time with her granddaughters and doing yard work.

Gail says: “Because there was a time when I was a patient at the clinic, I know how valuable it is to this community.”

Whitney Weber, RDA

Dental Assistant since 2011

Whitney joined FMC after a dentist she worked with began volunteering here. Her favorites include pasta, the color purple, and country music, and she enjoys golfing, working out, and shopping. A graduate from Minnesota State University with a background in Community Health, she chose to work as a dental assistant in order to give something back to her community.

Whitney says: “I enjoy working as an assistant because there are so many individuals with oral hygiene needs, and it’s extremely rewarding knowing that I have contributed and made an impact on their visit.”

Yolanda Jimenez

Dental Hygienist since 2017

I graduated from the Kirkwood Dental Hygiene program in 2013. When I was a student in the program, I did some of my clinical notations at FMC. I enjoyed working alongside the people and the patients here. I’m fluent in Spanish. I enjoy spending time with my husband, family and friends. Oh, and in my free time, the mall is my playground.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to provide dental hygiene care at the FMC. It’s rewarding to give back to our community.

Current Board Members & Committees:

  • Ann Rhodes, Chair (University of Iowa College of Nursing, Clinical Professor): Outreach
  • Jean Knepper, Vice-Chair (Bank Officer, Retired): Outreach
  • Brad Langguth, Treasurer (Hills Bank and Trust): Outreach, Board and Volunteer Development
  • Gayle Walter, Secretary (UI Department of Health and Human Physiology): Outreach
  • George Bergus (UIHC Family Medicne Physician): Operations; Board and Volunteer Development
  • Jane Dohrmann (Iowa City Hospice): Outreach
  • Jane Engeldinger (UIHC Physician, Retired): Outreach
  • Marty Fields (UIHC Department Administrator, Retired): Operations, Resource Development
  • Sherri Furman (CFO, UI Foundation): Operations, Resource Development
  • Brandon Keese (Hills Bank and Trust): Operations, Resource Development
  • Dave Koch (Director, Johnson County Public Health)
  • Rohit Nair (Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Iowa College of Dentistry)
  • Mark Patton (Executive Director, Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity, Retired): Board and Volunteer Development
  • Tyeisha Washington (Nurse Practitioner)
  • Rachel Young (Associate Professor, University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication)