Schedule an Appointment

Things you need to know when scheduling an appointment at the Free Medical Clinic

  • We provide basic outpatient health care.
  • We do not provide emergency services.
  • Services vary due to volunteer availability.
  • Please call us at 319-337-4459 for scheduling details.


Medical Clinic

(319) 337-4459

Health Care Enrollment

The open enrollment period for 2015 has closed.  Enough people didn't understand how to enroll, that a decision has been made by the government to allow a special enrollment period starting March 15.  Check here for information about this extra opportunity.

You can apply for Medicaid (Title 19) or Iowa Health and Wellness at anytime during the year.  If you might qualify for one of these low-income program you should contact your local Department of Human Services.

If you need help figuring out how this process works check out these resources on the United Way website or at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

You can also call the clinic and we would be happy to help you figure out who can help you.

Our Organization

The Iowa City Free Medical Clinic (FMC) is a non-profit organization, established in 1971. We believe that access to affordable health care is a basic human necessity. We strive to provide the widest range of medical and dental services possible to people in the Iowa City and surrounding community who would not otherwise have access to care.

Our principles of practice are:

  • To eliminate barriers to health care by offering services without cost.
  • To offer services that are non-judgmental and confidential.
  • To encourage the participation of patients in their own care.
  • To advocate for the medically under-served in our community.

Click here to see this lovely video which was recently made for us.  It will give you a little more  information about our clinic, our history, and what we do.


Useful Resources

The staff at FMC is eager to help you find appropriate health care. If we can't help you, we will refer you to another organization.

View our comprehensive list of other useful resources.

Top Ten Needed Items

  1. Crutches (We're down to 1 pair for tall people)
  2. Carpel Tunnel Splints (Large and X-Large especially)
  3. Cold Medications - Cough Drops
  4. Heel Cups (can be purchased at any pharmacy!)
  5. Multivitamins
  6. Toothpaste and adult tooth brushes
  7. Travel-Size Personal Hygiene Items
  8. "Forever" stamps
  9. Pens
  10. Kleenex